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We develop socially relevant programs and services to transform young people from being “subjects to citizens” such as:



Youth Knowledge & Skills Development

· Trainings/supports in livelihood skills (vocational/apprenticeships, entrepreneurship)

· Formal & informal education (life-skills, academic schools, scholarships, computer literacy),

· Gender and Youth leadership training (mentoring, internships, professional training & placements)

· Governance, peace & advocacy training (knowledge of government, round tables with duty bearers, community radios)


Youth Health & Well-being

· HIV/AIDS & STI awareness, prevention and control

· Youth reproductive health services

· Fitness & wellness programs


Youth Sports & Recreation

· Organized community sports leagues (soccer & kickball)

· Interscholastic sports competition (soccer, basketball, kickball & volleyball)

· Children Vacation Sports & Child development Programs

· Youth Camps (Day & Residential Camps at Todee)

Youth Arts & Culture

· Creative writing (poetry, poems, short stories)

· Painting

· Traditional dance & music (training & performances)

· Music (marching and playing bands)

· Peace Clubs in schools and communities

· Anti violence campaign








Reflection of an S2C Ambassador at the Africa OGM

The 10th Ordinary General Assembly (OGM) of the Africa Alliance of YMCAs has ended in Samone and memories of the events at the Decameron Resort located on the outskirt of Dakar, Senegal will continue to be remembered.

The OGM brought together 143 participants from across Africa, Canada, America, Germany, and the YMCA of London, amongst others. Off course the assembly was attended by the President of the World Alliance of YMCAs, Peter Posner and the Secretary General of the World Alliance of YMCAs, Johan Eltvik.

The meeting was held in three phases, the Youth Summit, the National General Secretary Summit and the OGM or Sustainability summit.

The youth summit was a week long training on setting the platform for young people to lead change in Africa in achieving the African renaissance, through the provision of space, voice and ability to drive change.

I certainly will not forget the certificates of participation awarded to the third batch of Subject to Citizens (S2C) Ambassadors.

The National General Secretary summit is also part of capacity building programs of the Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCAs).

Training is held for all NGS to be able to address common gaps within their movements, and then the official opening ceremony of the OGM or sustainability summit. This summit was held on Tuesday June 2, 2015 at the National Headquarters of the Senegal YMCA in Dakar.

The program was historic and traditional and began with the parade of nations, with 16 African movements hoisting their flags, and a special tribute paid to Sierra Leone and Liberia for the loss of lives of citizens from these two countries to the ebola virus disease.

A field visit was made to the Renaissance Monument where official photographs were taken.

With this, the Secretary General of the Africa YMCAs, Carlos Sanvee formally welcome the delegates at the OGM and commended African movement for journeying together in unity and in belief and that all is possible when dreaming to achieve.

He thanked partners for believing with the YMCA and acting as well. Speaking on the theme: The Point of no Return- Carlos strongly emphasized on the dream of the new Africa, where young people are transformed to live with pride and responsibility, where rights are enshrined, viewpoints are valued and opportunities to realize dreams are within young people's grasp.

He said passionately, we dreamt of young people empowered for an African Renaissance, during this strategic period, much of the time was focused on this position.

"The African YMCAs movement united like never before under a common identity and a continental S2C change model, we developed strong cohesion around, and branded ourselves on our African identity, our youth focus and economy." Carlos continued 

Moreover, the OGM got more interesting day by day with different plenary speakers making presentations on major such as: African YMCA in 20 years, looking at the economic model and readiness for sustainability etc.

The YMCA of Liberia playing a significant role in the OGM, with its National General Secretary, Edward Gboe leading one of the six plenary sessions, with focus on building strong and diverse relationships, using Liberia YMCA work with the private sector as case study.

The Liberia YMCA NGS commended the global YMCAs for their support and solidarity during the ebola crisis in Liberia and Sierra Leone, noting that Liberia has a young population of over 70% being youth but the statistics could be sad if the skills of these young people are not developed.

Building private sector relationship is a journey we at the YMCA need, the YMCA must face the reality fact that we are in a competition, and therefore need to align with priorities, while keeping relevance, membership, entrepreneurship and tapping on skills of partners to enhance the quality of services we provide. Mr. Gboe said

He also noted that young people will put the investment at risk and threaten development if they continue to lack requisite skills. He revealed that the Liberia YMCA Internet Technology (IT) program is 100% sustainable and offer computers literacy skills for hundreds of young people during every circle.

Referencing other partnership over the year, the NGS said building a niche as goal to contribute to the social development was vital to building a strong partnership.

The OGM continued with working group sessions discussing several critical issues spread across the plenary sessions through which delegates learned from share experiences and insight on sustainability strategies for non-profit and philanthropic organizations like the YMCA. The discussion was base on the proposed Economic Model for the African YMCA

Oh and not to forget, the elections for members of the executive committee also took center stage. Liberia was in the running with Mr. Gabriel Briamah who is contesting the position of Executive Committee Member.

Then the admittance of Cameroon and Niger as full members of the Africa Alliance was held with national movements signing the re-admittance roster as a fulfillment to reinforce the spirit of increased visibility and hard work.

Decontee E. George,

S2C Ambassador, Liberia




YMCA Holds Graduation for Life Skills Beneficiaries

The Liberia YMCA on Friday May 15, 2015, held an official graduation program for 48 beneficiaries in vocational, entrepreneurship and life skills training in Monrovia.

Held under the project: Young People as Agents of Change Helping to Transform Slum Settlements” is being implemented in two slum settlements in Monrovia, West Point and Slip-Way.

Giving an overview of the project, Vivien M. Beh, Project Coordinator said the project aims to strengthen community spirit and improve living conditions in two slum communities, utilizing the energy and drive of young people as catalysts for change.

“This is being done through the construction of water points, latrines and youth-led health and hygiene training.” She said.

Madam Beh also named the establishment and strengthening of local associations of slum dwellers to enable them effectively advocate for pro-poor approaches to slum upgrading and development; advocacy training, civic education and budget literacy and monitoring for youth-led advocacy groups.

She said the provision of vocational, entrepreneurship and life-skills training and post-training inputs for young people; and building the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to better respond to them, are also initiatives under the YMCA Slum Development Project.

The keynote speaker at the program, Boakai M. Jaleibah, Assistant Minister for Technical and Vocational Training, Ministry of Youth & Sports said Liberia is a country where there are many young people and when there are issues of jobs, the young people are affected.

“The real issue of unemployment in Liberia today is not having the relevant job skills that require employment.” The Assistant Minister said.

Citing the issue of qualified skilled Liberians to occupy jobs at concession companies, Mr. Jaleiba said many Liberians go into other professions when concession companies are demanding something else, something he wants Liberians to take notice and begin acquiring skills that are relevant to the concession and other companies.

I feel disappointed when jobs in concession areas are out sourced to foreigners, concession companies will not wait for Liberians to obtain these skills before they begin to operate.” Minister Jaleibah lamented.

Assistant Minister Jaleibah praised the YMCA and partners for giving the trainees new skills. He also praised the trainees for their decision to acquire skills. “What you have learned today is much more marketable than those who have obtained formal education.” He concluded.

Presenting the graduates for certification, the Development Secretary of the Liberia YMCA, E. Timotheus Kamaboakai said he is sure that if the trainees put into practice what they have learned, their communities will be proud of them.

“I want you to see this as the beginning of the improvement in your lives, as our intention is to empower young people to help transform their communities.” Mr. Kamaboakai said.

He also appreciated the Trainers, Administrators, Community Steering Groups, the graduates and keynote speaker for the role they all played in helping the trainees to acquire valuable skills,

During the program some of the trainees exhibited skills acquired during their training. Skills acquired by the trainees include: Cosmetology and Hairdressing, Tailoring and Interior Decoration, Catering and Electronics.

Speaking on behalf of the trainees, Lawrence Tutu a trainee in electronics thanked the Liberia YMCA adding “you have proven that you are interested in the development of young people through this initiative and we are happy to reach this stage.”

Following the program, the trainees were given tool-kits.The project is being implemented by the Liberia YMCA with funding from Comic Relief through Y-Care International. The YMCA has implemented a number of activities under the program some of which are: the training of 173 young people from West Point and Slipway both males and females in basic advocacy skills and civic responsibilities while young people from these communities now meeting regularly to discuss issues affecting their communities and planning together to engage their local authorities.

The YMCA in collaboration with the Slum Development Association of Liberia (SLUMDAL) and Slum Development International (SDI) has mobilized and established 25 saving groups within Slip Way and West Point, with five of the twenty five 25 saving groups established have opened account with the Liberia Bank for Development & Investment.

The YMCA under the slums project constructed two latrines (6 units each) in West point containing both bath area and latrines and two hand pumps.

It has also constructed one latrine of 6 units in Slipway containing 4 latrine rooms and two bath rooms and renovated one latrine of 10 units 8 latrine rooms and 2 bath room and renovated two faucet pump, while 13 males and females from West Point and Slipway have been trained in health and hygiene education to serve as peer educators.



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