Local Branches

Zorzor YMCA

Brief History of Zorzor YMCA 

 The Liberia YMCA Zorzor Branch was established in March 2005 during the Liberia Community Infrastructure Project (LCIP Project) under the leadership of Mr. James Moore who was later named as the first Branch Coordinator. During this period, the Liberia YMCA provided skills training in various disciplines which included Masonry, Carpentry auto Mechanics Soap making etc.

Given the involvement of the YMCA in the Zorzor Community, residents were impressed and requested the National Secretariat of the YMCA of Liberia under the Leadership of Mr. Peter Z. N. Kamei to establish a local branch in the Zorzor Community.

With this invitation from local communities in the Zorzor District, the Liberia YMCA constructed five structures which include a main office and school buildings and began to implement several other programs and activities in the Zorzor Communit and adjacent towns and villages, thus giving birth to the YMCA in Lofa County.

Current programs and Activities:

The Zorzor YMCA is presently engaged in an agriculture project. More than twenty ( 20) plots have been laid out and planted with cabbage and vegetables. Over one thousand (1000) seedlings of cash crops including eggplants, okra and pepper are planted.

The Zorzor YMCA in partnership with ZOA is implementing a peace building project in several communities in Zorzor.  Six (6) Hi Y and Peace Clubs have been established in six schools in Zorzor.


List of Local Branch Board Members:

1.      Dominic Morlu                        Board Chairman

2.      Florence Paye                         Co-chairperson

3.      Nancy Wolobah                       Treasurer

4.      Paymah Koivogui                     Board Secretary

5.      Kolu Y. Beyan                          Champlain

6.      Barkolleh Joekai                       Member

7.      Flomo M. Azangoi                     Member

8.      Moses Zubah Zayzay                 Member

9.      Edwin Zayzay                           Member

10.  Jackson Dorbor                         Member

11.  Tarnue  Gorvehgo                     Member

12.  George B. Davis                        Member

13.  George Y. Flomo                       Member

Current Branch Leadership and Committee

1.        Eric A.S. Wesseh                Branch coordinator

2.        Seyeazea K. Goovi              Asst Branch Coordinator/School Registrar

3.        Mulbah Bryant                   School Principal

4.        Mulbah  Flomo                   Youth Council President


Contacts Details  Zorzor YMCA branch

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                              

Phone Numbers:  (231) 775818914 

                             (231) 886416165


Ganta YMCA

The Ganta YMCA is one of many Liberia YMCA branches which run a school and a Youth Computer Training.

Ideally located in Central Ganta (Gbatu Quarter), near the Guinea road, the center is an attractive place for young people. Since its formation in the mid 80s, the center has hosted program and activities for thousands of young people from the county and beyond. 

Currently, the Ganta YMCA Youth Center runs:

A media resource center funded by internews. This Resource Center  which the purpose of providing:

§  Quality and improved documentation and reportage by journalists

§  Increased knowledge  of young people on policy reform processes, policy document, bills and concession documents, sports and other essential information inclusive of  investigative journalism on socio economic and political processes that bills that have been passed by law makers and published by electronics and print.


The Media Resource Center is for:

·         Journalists to have increased access to free internet facility and basic information to enhance investigative reporting;

·     Citizen journalists, local Journalist and young people including students will have increased access to  information technology through the Media Resource Center

·         Rural Journalists will have improved skills and knowledge in sourcing for the right information and facts to support proper reporting.

·         Citizen Journalists and the community will have improved access to accurate and information and

Increased use of the internet services to support print and electronic media reporting and student governance advocacy.

The Media resource center is headed by Allen Kollie whp is the Resource Officer


In collaboration with the National YMCA of Liberia and ZOA, the branch implements a Community Based Sociotherapy program known as the ZOA Project and runs a community school from Grades 1-12th providing quality academic program to hundreds of young people at low cost.


 Jamesetta Monah Cooper is the Branch Coordinator, while Charles D. Gonleh is the  Acting Program Assistant.


Contact details Ganta YMCA Branch

Jamesetta Monah Cooper

Branch Coordinator

Ganta YMCA

Cell# (+231) 886 – 583697 / 776 – 404568


Charles D. Gonleh

Acting Program Assistant

Cell # (231) 888 – 953079 / 778 – 606459


                                     Meet the Board of the Ganta YMCA





Joseph S. Kiepeeh



Arthur Gboe Wehyee

1st Vice Fin. & Admin.


Sam G. Ta-Kruah

2nd Vice Program


Elizabeth G. Kamei



Musu Kardamie



Verlyn V. Whesseh



Roland M. Jallah



Kesselly Tamba



Ishmael Menkor



Lydia Konah



Eleane P. K. Keamue



Arrington Ballah



Eddie Gbatu



Edwin G. Korden

President Youth Council


D. Luther Beangar

Youth Representative


Chester Wanawon

Youth Representative


Leroy Gbatu

Youth Representative


Miss Ganta YMCA



Abigal Freeman

Immed. Past President


Jamesetta Monah Cooper

Branch Coordinator