YMCA Western Zone Heads Meet with Liberia Minister of Youth

YMCA Western Zone members following the meeting with Minister Wilson
YMCA Western Zone members following the meeting with Minister Wilson

YMCA leaders from the Western Zone who gathered in Monrovia for the Africa Alliance of YMCAs Peer Review Meeting on Liberia call on the Liberia Minister of Youth and Sports recently in Monrovia.

The YMCA leaders were in Liberia attending the Africa Alliance of YMCAs Peer Review Meeting from November 20-24, 2019,  met with the Liberia Minister of Youth and Sports, Honorable Zogar Wilson at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville.

The National General Secretary of the Liberia YMCA in a brief introduction said the YMCA leaders from West Africa were in Liberia to participate in a Peer Review Meeting on Liberia, which share best practices intended to strengthen the host country. Mr. Kamaboakai noted that the support from the Liberia government is also through partnership and given the partnership between the government and the YMCA, the YMCA thought it wise to call on the Minister.

Mr. Christian Kamara of the YMCA of Sierra Leone YMCA expressed thanks and appreciation to the Liberia government for the support it has given to the YMCA, noting “The support you gave and continue to is very outstanding, which is very few that governments give to YMCAs in their countries.”

Mr. Kamara asked the ministry to continue the support because YMCA Liberia is working with young people which forms the majority of people in Liberia.

“We want the YMCA to be in every corner of Liberia because the YMCA program transforms young people from subject to citizens.” Mr. Kamara said. He also asked for increased support to the Liberia YMCA so as to reach and support more young people in Liberia.

The Chairman of the Western Zone of the Africa Alliance of YMCAs asked the Ministry of Youth and Sports to be the champion of young people in Africa, noting his delegation was grateful to the ministry for hosting them, while at the same time thanking the government of Liberia for the support to the Liberia YMCA.

Welcoming the delegation to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Minster Zogar Wilson said he was delighted to have the YMCA leaders visit the ministry, noting the issue of youth empowerment and employment cuts across the continent and there are challenges in the these countries relative to funding.

“We cannot give up, we must continue to try and empower them because they are the future of our respective countries and we have a responsibility as government to empower young people and the YMCA plays a very important role in that direction.”

Minister Wilson said that there are lots of challenges but as a group it must be focused and determined. “Funding is a challenge and we will continue to do our best to support the YMCA because we believe they have done a great job over the years.” Minister Wilson asserted.

“We all have to work collectively to assist those at risk and the YMCA provides the platform and all of your YMCAs have been carrying out a lot of interventions to help young people and the Liberian government appreciates the intervention of the various YMCAs and we look forward to continuing the partnership.” Minister Wilson said.

The Peer Review Mechanism is one of the key governance reforms that the Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCAs) and its national movements have adopted as a means of setting up a platform for organizational performance review, best practices and knowledge sharing.

Fifteen participants representing 8 countries in West Africa, which included National General Secretaries and YMCA Board Chairmen were in Liberia attending the Peer Review Meeting on Liberia.


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