Liberia YMCA Hosts Africa Alliance of YMCAs Peer Review Meeting


The Africa Alliance of YMCAs Peer Review Meeting on Liberia is expected to begin in Monrovia on Tuesday, November 20, 2019 at the YMCA National Headquarters in Monrovia.

The Peer Review Mechanism is one of the key governance reforms that the Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCAs) and its national movements have adopted as a means of setting up a platform for organizational performance review, best practices and knowledge sharing.

Fifteen participants representing 8 countries in West Africa, which will include National General Secretaries and YMCA Board Chairmen are expected to be in attendance. Also expected to be in attendance are Senior Liberia YMCA Board leaders, staff and volunteers.

The process also strengthens and capacitates National Movements in Africa. In the Peer Review process, a National Movement agrees to be scrutinized by its peers in all areas of its operations so that the host YMCA will be able to receive technical support from its peers and the Africa Alliance of YMCAs.

The Peer Review will be held for 5 days from November 20-24, 2019 and will begin with an official welcome session. During the first two days of the review, workshop sessions will be held, followed by field visits to YMCA program centers in Monrovia on day 3- Thursday. A field visit to three YMCA branches outside Monrovia will climax the meeting.