Liberia Country Program

                                              Liberia Country Program:

The Liberia YMCA in collaboration with the Liberia Country Program supports the social and economic recovery of slum dwellers in grater Monrovia with a long term goal of improving the living and working conditions of the urban poor within a functioning, accountable and inclusive metropolitan city.




Peace Building & Democracy

Peace Building and Democracy:

Project Title: Liberia Peace Building and Democracy Program

Sponsored by: ICCO/ Kerk in Actie /Implemented by the YMCA of Liberia

General Objective:
One of the overriding General Objectives of the Liberia Peace-building and Democracy Program (LPBDP) for which the Youth in Peace-building and Governance subscribes to is to contribute towards an enabling environment that strengthens communities where marginalized groups fully participate in governance for peaceful co-existence.

Overall Project Objective:
The overall project objective of the Youth in Peace-building & Governance Cluster is to reach out to at least 200,000 youths, between the ages of 12-35 years of age, including in-out of school youths, in three counties (locations-Montserrado, Bong and Nimba) with programs that develop their income generating skills, improve their knowledge on governance, peace-building, human rights and help reduce threats of sexual & gender base violence.

Specific Objectives and Beneficiaries:

  1. To support the political process by engaging in civic and voters education campaigns and other electoral-related fora targeting 200,000 qualified voters in six Counties.
  2. To provide support to the Youth FM Radio Station so that it reaches at least 200,000 qualified electorates with basic elections-related, peace-building and non-violence messages during the election period.
  3. To enforce the analytical capacity of qualified electorates, including law enforcement officers and motorcyclists so that the values of peace building and conflict mitigation are upheld during and after the electoral process


  1. 200.000 youth voters in Liberia understand their rights and responsibilities, their political system and how they and where to vote.
  2. Media campaigns and radio messages have reached voters in 6 counties
  3. Analytical capacity of qualified electorates including law enforcement officers and motorcyclists is enforced which has brought values of peace building and conflict mitigation during and after the electoral process in place.
  4. Less tensions during the electoral process between the motorcyclists and the police Because 6 training sessions on potential conflict issues during the electoral process have been organised, with the effect that these potential conflicts cannot easily trigger new conflicts or can be used by political partners and powerful presidential candidates (reduce divide and rule tactics)
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