Liberia YMCA Development Secretary Honored

Timotheus KamaboakaiThe Eugene H. Cooper, Sr. Conference Hall of the Liberia YMCA was the scene of cheers and praises on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 for its Development Secretary, E. Timotheus Kamaboakai, who is going on a yearlong educational leave.

Nearly one hundred staff, Interns and well-wishers gathered in the Eugene H. Cooper, Sr. Conference hall to bid Mr. Kamaboakai farewell.

Offering prayers for Mr. Kamaboakai, the President of the Board of the Monrovia YMCA, Pastor Gabriel Briamah praised the honoree for his humility.

“This Development Secretary is here today because of his humility and diligence. He has been willing to learn and even in the face of learning he has been humble.” Pastor Briamah told the gathering.

Citing Proverb chapter 15: verse 33: The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom and therefore honoris humility. He then led prayer for the departing YMCA Development Secretary.

The Chairman of the National Board of the Liberia YMCA, Mr. Jonathan A. Mason in remarks said the occasion was a solemn one in that he will be leaving for some time, but for academic improvement adding, “Success is not from where you started, but from where you are.” Mr. Jonathan A. Mason- National Board Chair- National Liberia YMCA

I am assured of Tim’s ability wherever he is going.” Mr. Mason said. He admonished Mr. Kamaboakai to go and do what he does best.

The National General Secretary of the Liberia YMCA, Mr E. Edward Gboe congratulated the Development Secretary and wished him well during his studies.

He said the Liberia YMCA will do all it can to build the capacity of staff and noted the return of one of its staff, the Gbarnga YMCA Branch Coordinator, Mitchell Sekpeh who recently returned from India on a capacity development training.

Mr. Gboe said the YMCA decided to introduce a tertiary level education for the Development Secretary and negotiations had been ongoing for support in this direction. He said the cost is being covered as part of institutional support to the Liberia YMCA from the twin Cities YMCA in the United States.E. Edward Gboe - National General Secretary, Liberia YMCA

He thanked the Twin Cities YMCA for the support and urged all staff to be ready to build their capacities either through self-development where in the case the institution is unable to do so, but the YMCA will try to seek support for some staff capacity development.

The Departing Development Secretary and honoree, E. Timotheus Kamaboakai thanked the YMCA and all who he has worked with including the national board and the YMCA CEO for the leadership.

Tim with board chair and other YMCA officials

“I will be in touch with all of you to give my support where necessary. He cautioned the staff to keep focused.

“Keep your eyes on the journey, remain faithful in God and maintain integrity.” Tim said.

YMCA leaders, interns and well-wishers pose for the camera with Tim


Liberia YMCA Ends School Conference

YMCA Schools, Branch and National Secretariat staff following the conference

The YMCA of Liberia 2nd Annual National Schools Conference has ended in Ganta, Nimba County

The two days conference brought together members of the national board of the Liberia YMCA, senior staff, school administrators and authorities of the YMCA school system.

Providing a platform to discuss challenges, disadvantage and success for the effective running of all YMCA schools, the conference also evaluated branch and academic activities aimed at chatting a new course.

Speaking during the opening of the conference, the Development Secretary of the Liberia YMCA, E. Timotheus Kamaboakai said the YMCA school system under the strategic plan forms a huge platform for community development and empowerment and it is in line with the objectives of the Liberia YMCA.

He praised the Unification Town and Ganta YMCA schools for their success in several academic competitions, while the Chairman of the national Board, Jonathan mason challenged administration and Instructors of the school system to strive for excellence.

The conference was climaxed by branch coordinators’ meeting which brought together branch coordinators from all YMCA branches around the country.

The conference also discussed prospects and recommendations for the growth and development of YMCA academic institutions around the country. It also reviewed the 2014-2015 academic school reports and activities.



Liberia YMCA Turns 134 Years


A banner depicting the 134 anniversary celebration of the Liberia YMCA

The Liberia YMCA on Monday, August 10, 2015 celebrated 134 years as an organization.

The Liberia YMCA was founded in 1881 by Bishop Samuel D. Ferguson, while on assignment in Harper, Maryland County. Bishop Ferguson, an Episcopalian Bishop was from the USA.

A formal program was held in the YMCA gymnasium on Broad Street in Monrovia. Attended by over one hundred young people, YMCA National Secretariat headed by the Development Secretary, friends and well wishers of the YMCA.

Young people were reminded by the keynote speaker of the commitment that led to the success of many young people who had passed through the walls of the Liberia YMCA.

Keynote Speaker, Johnette HoraceThe keynote Speaker Ms. Johnette Horace also challenged young people to make themselves relevant by engaging in positive things that will improve their lives.

“To those of you who want relevance through noise making, this will not help you, but I challenge you to bring value and respect to your image.” she said

Johnette is a one- time YMCA youth intern who joined the YMCA in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. She later migrated to Monrovia and held several youth positions in the Monrovia YMCA including the youth council.

Climaxing the program was a challenge from the Liberia YMCA through the Development Secretary, Timotheus Kamaboakai.

Mr. Kamaboakai challenged young people to find their space in the YMCA.

YMCA DS Timotheus Kamaboakai“Find your space and play key roles in the YMCA, work hard and make impact.” Mr. Kamaboakai said. He also thanked participants who turned out for the formal program and noted that the Liberia YMCA has come a long way from 1881-2015 and from Harper to Monrovia.

“The YMCA has taken many years to improve the spirit and body. Since its formation all YMCA programs are intended to enhance the skills and attitude of young people.” He said.

The Liberia YMCA

The Liberia YMCA which first started as a church— based organization later spread its branches to other parts of Liberia especially the coastal counties, Montserrado, Grand Cape Mount, Sinoe and Grand Bassa Counties.

In 1926, the YMCA was extended to Monrovia, the capital city. Based on the request by the Liberia YMCA, the US YMCA sent to Liberia the first Fraternal Secretary, Mr. David N. Howell.

Mr. Howell arrived in Liberia with his family on Thanksgiving day. Under his 27-year leadership, the Liberia YMCA became a member of the World Alliance of the YMCAs in 1954 and the National Headquarters first modern in-door gymnasium was built.

Since then, the YMCA has positively impacted the lives of thousands of young men and women though programs that develop the mind and body. Some of these  young people are spread across the world contributing positively to communities, their country and places of work.