Our Programs


We develop socially relevant programs and services to transform young people from being “subjects to citizens” such as:



Youth Knowledge & Skills Development

· Trainings/supports in livelihood skills (vocational/apprenticeships, entrepreneurship)

· Formal & informal education (life-skills, academic schools, scholarships, computer literacy),

· Gender and Youth leadership training (mentoring, internships, professional training & placements)

· Governance, peace & advocacy training (knowledge of government, round tables with duty bearers, community radios)


Youth Health & Well-being

· HIV/AIDS & STI awareness, prevention and control

· Youth reproductive health services

· Fitness & wellness programs


Youth Sports & Recreation

· Organized community sports leagues (soccer & kickball)

· Interscholastic sports competition (soccer, basketball, kickball & volleyball)

· Children Vacation Sports & Child development Programs

· Youth Camps (Day & Residential Camps at Todee)

Youth Arts & Culture

· Creative writing (poetry, poems, short stories)

· Painting

· Traditional dance & music (training & performances)

· Music (marching and playing bands)

· Peace Clubs in schools and communities

· Anti violence campaign