Liberia YMCA: Aiding Community Residents in the ebola Response in West Point

The Liberia YMCA in Partnership with Comic Relief and Y- Care International in mid- October launched an emergency response project in West Point, Central Monrovia, titled: “Saving Lives and Restoring Livelihood in West Point.”

The intervention is to prevent the further spread of Ebola and address the impact of the outbreak in the West Point community.

Also under the program, a food for work scheme is being carried out. It is also intended to provide livelihood support through the provision of food aid to selected vulnerable people and small business recovery through support to 175 women and young people affected by the Ebola outbreak.

This is also intended to enable them restart income generation activities.

The package is also intended to influence communities to respond properly by taking positive actions that will prevent the further spread of the disease.

Under the Intervention the YMCA will conduct training of peer educators to support outreach activities and set up emergency communication centers to provide relevant information required to promote awareness on the prevention and spread of Ebola.

The program will be implemented over a six (6) month period from October 10, 2014 to March 31, 2015 in West Point only.

During this period, 6,064 direct beneficiaries reached. The program is funded by Comic relief through Y-Care International and will be implemented by the Liberia YMCA.

Photos Caption: Top and second two photos - Community residents involved in cleaning exercise under the program

Middle photos: Food for the food for work program

Final Photo: Commissioner Miatta Flowers of West Point with some community residents.