Liberia YMCA Begins National Board & Staff Retreat


Mr. Kamaboakai speaking during the opening

The annual National Board and staff planning retreat of the Liberia YMCA began on Friday June 29, 2018 in Monrovia.

The two day planning retreat brings together Participants from all YMCA branches projects and program centers across the country.

This year's retreat is being held under the theme: "Waking the Sleeping Giant."

Speaking during the opening of the retreat the National General Secretary of the Liberia YMCA, E. Timotheus Kamaboakai said sustainability is at the heart of the vision of the YMCA. Mr. Kamaboakai said there is a huge decline in donor funding and the YMCA needs to be proactive and prepare itself for a time when there will be no donor grant to the institution.

“By 2031 when the YMCA in Liberia is celebrating 150 years of existence, it should be in the position to operate on its own resources.”

“The YMCA will be key about developing local boards which will enhance the work of the YMCA.” To this endeavor, Mr. Kamaboakai said local branches should be committed in working to move forward.  He also called on YMCA staff across the country to show commitment.


Group session at the National Retreat

On policies and systems, the CEO said YMCA at all levels should ensure systems that will avoid wastes and ensure there is control. He called on all YMCA branches across the country to have a new branch chartering system.

Continuing further, Mr. Kamaboakai said the YMCA to a large extent is getting to be shadow, noting that some branches are reliant on grant and it is now time to think on sustainability.

On Social enterprise, Mr. Kamaboakai said the National Secretariat will work with all branches to ensure there are systems and controls at various YMCA branches.

“The focus of YMCA should be where it is able to sustain itself in the absence of donor funding.”

YMCA Board Chairman, Lester M. Paye

Declaring the national retreat formally open the Chairman of the National Board of the YMCA, Hon. Lester M. Paye said the retreat is going to take a full diagnostic of the YMCA programs and take drastic actions to improve the systems.

He said everything the YMCA does rest with the young people noting, “Our substance comes from the branches.” The YMCA National Board Chairman asked all participants to take a sober reflection during the retreat and come up with the best results for the future.

Commenting on the plans put forth by the National General Secretary for a better and improved YMCA of Liberia, Chairman Paye said the plans should be looked at in the context of development by all branches of the YMCA adding “you must embrace the vision.”

Chairman Paye said the National Board will work to ensure that all policies are adopted for a better YMCA. He also called for assertiveness and aggressiveness by all branches of the YMCA.

The  two days National Board and staff retreat will bring together National Board Members, staff from the National Headquarters, Projects, Schools and Local Branches.

The retreat commenced with and official indoor program and presentation by the National General Secretary, Timotheus Kamaboakai followed by working sessions which will run into the second day.

The National Board and Staff retreat of the Liberia YMCA is held once every year to review the performance of the YMCA in its service delivery to the public as well as review performances of branches and departments of the YMCA and also plan for the future.

Activities that are expected to climax the retreat include National Board Meeting and training workshop, National Youth Council Meeting and Subject 2 Citizens (S2C) training, School Conference and plan for the academic year 2018/2019 of YMCA Schools, Program Team Synergy Workshop, and Finance Training for Local Branches and Branch Coordination Meeting and Planning sessions. The retreat ends on June 30, 2018.