YMCA Graduates 101 in Apprenticeship & Skills Training


              .Prospective graduates attending the business development training

The Liberia YMCA will on Friday November 24, 2017 hold graduation program for 101 apprenticeship and skill training beneficiaries under the YMCA,UKAM “Project titled: Mobilizing Young Slum Dwellers to Rebuild Communities after the Ebola Outbreak”

The YMCA, UKAM Slum Project is contributing to the social and economic empowerment of 710 young slum dwellers between the ages of 15-24 years in seven zones of West Point in Monrovia. 

Already an Entrepreneur or Business Management & Life Skills Training or business forum for the beneficiaries is being held at the YMCA headquarters on Broad Street. The entrepreneur and life skills or business training began on Monday November 20, 2017 and will end on Thursday November 23, 2017. It is intended to improve the chances of the trainees or beneficiaries gain employment or become successful micro-entrepreneurs following their training. 

It is also intended to enable the trainees learn from others experiences, gain new skills through training seminars and business advice, while at the same time generating new ideas as how to make use of their skills through the setting up of businesses ,cope with other challenges in the business world and also to enable them practice their trade and or start a new business. 

Following the training and formal closing exercise for the 101 UKAM Vocational Trainees or beneficiaries will be held at the YMCA Headquarters in Monrovia, where the keynote speaker is expected to be the Chairman of the Board of the YMCA of Liberia, Hon. Lester M. Paye. At the formal program, 46 female and 55 male will receive certificates in various apprenticeship and skills training program ranging from plumbing to electricity, masonry, soap making, cosmetology, hairdressing, carpentry catering, tailoring, auto mechanic etc. The apprenticeship and life skills training lasted between nine to twelve months   

Following the indoor program, tool kits will be distributed to the 101 beneficiaries who are expected to use the learning acquired in apprenticeship and skills training as well as business training to set up their own businesses, which in the end will enable the young slum dwellers have the skills, knowledge and resources to increase their economic resilience.

Also expected to attend the closing program are representatives from the Monrovia City Corporation, (MCC), representative from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, partner organizations, trainers, families and friends of the trainees.  

Under the YMCA, UKAM Project, young women and men are receiving supports and training in Livelihoods, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), advocacy and health and hygiene which are intended to empower slum dwellers to become leaders within their communities.

The program also provides support to 12,960 other slum dwellers and act as catalysts for long term community change and development. The project began in February 2016 and is expected to end January 2019. The Slum Upgrading Project is being implemented by the YMCA of Liberia in partnership with Y Care International with funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) – UK Aid Match stream.




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