Avoid Conflict and Confusion – Liberia YMCA CEO


A Peace banner with YMCA CEO and Peace Ambassador Abigal Freeman

A peace song with a special message by the National General Secretary of the Liberia YMCA has been  launched. The song was launched on Friday, October 6, 2017 in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The song: “Peaceful Elections” by Abigal Freeman an Intern of the Liberia YMCA features a special peace message by the National General Secretary of the Liberia YMCA, E. Timotheus Kamaboaka.

In the song, Mr. Kamaboakai  calls on :Liberians to avoid conflict and confusion. He begins his message:

“I am m calling on all Liberian especially young people to turn out on October 10 to vote the leader of their choice, it is your right to choose your President and Representatives to the Legislature it is also your responsibility to maintain the peace we currently enjoy in this country.” 

“I encourage all of you to be active during this elections period, think about who present the best platform and those things that are of interest to you. Go out and canvass for your choice and encourage other to do the same.”

“This can be done without insults, harassment or fighting, we must refrain from damaging proprieties or hating people.” The YMCA CEO said in the message.

“We can disagree in choosing our leadership and still remain friends. Elections will come and go but Liberia will always be here, at the end of this we will remain one people indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.”

“This is why I am calling on every one of you listening at this moment to avoid anything that will cause confusion or conflict as we observe this election period and beyond.”

Mr. Kamaboakai then calls on Liberians to vote wisely and vote for the future of Liberia. He ends the message by saying but most of all “say no to violence and yes to peaceful elections.”

The song’s Artist Abigal Freeman said her inspiration comes from her training and background in the Liberia YMCA in peace building and conflict resolution. “Given my training in peace building and conflict resolution, it is prudent to extend to Liberians what I have learned especially during this critical period of elections in Liberia.”

According to Ms. Freeman her intention is to promote peace and stability in Liberia. When asked whether young people will adhere to the message given many peace songs have been sung in the last decade yet, there are still calls for people to be peaceful. Miss Freeman replied “Young people will listen to what I have said and to what Mr. Kamaboakai also has to say as many of them may not be able to read from posters and other literature, but the message in this song is simple and clear and the message is extraordinary and the english is understandable especially the message from Mr. Kamaboakai..” She says.

According to Abigal, it was easy to get Mr. Kamaboakai to do the special message in the song adding: “As a man who has been in the vanguard of peace, he willingly accepted to do the message.




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