Liberia YMCA Multi Country Slums Project Holds Graduation for 54 Beneficiaries

 The YMCA of Liberia will on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 graduate 54 young people from West Point and Slipway under the second phase of life skills training of the Multi Country Slums Development Project titled: “Young People as Agents of Change Helping to Transform Slum Settlements”

                 Trainees getting ready for graduation during a business start-up training at the YMCA

With funding from Comic Relief through Y Care International, the graduation is the second phase of vocational, entrepreneurship and life skills training for beneficiaries in two slum settlements in Monrovia specifically West Point and Slipway.

Twenty eight males and twenty six females will receive certificates following months of training in cosmetology, tailoring, pastry making etc.

The program takes place at 10:00 am at the YMCA Headquarters on Crown Hill, Broad Street. These beneficiaries have undergone skills training in different disciplines in both vocational and apprenticeship skills training programs for the period of 9 to 14 months.

They have also been certified by their trainers to practice their acquired skills with little or no supervision.

The beneficiaries will be provided tool-kits as part of their post training support to enable them to start their own ventures by practicing their trade to improve their livelihoods.

The YMCA Multi Country Slum Project aims to strengthen community’s resilience and improve the living conditions in two slum communities (West Point and Slipway), utilizing the energy and drive of young people as catalysts for change.

 Over the years and under the project the construction of water points, latrines and youth-led health and hygiene training; the establishment /strengthening of local associations of slum dwellers to enable them to better advocate for pro-poor approaches to slum upgrading and development are some of the many activities implemented under the project.

 Additionally there have been training on advocacy, civic education and budget literacy, monitoring for youth-led advocacy groups; the provision of vocational, entrepreneurship and life-skills training and post-training inputs for young people; and building the capacity of CSOs to better respond to the needs of young people.

Additionally a new slum project “Mobilizing Young Slum Dwellers in Liberia to Rebuild Communities after the Ebola Outbreak” will be launched during the program.




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