YMCA Holds Honoring Program for Long Serving Staff
07 May 2019 17:26 - YMCAYMCA Holds Honoring Program for Long Serving Staff

                                        Members of the US YMCA delegation bein [ ... ]

Liberia YMCA Holds  Cycle 28 Graduation
03 Mar 2019 16:21 - YMCALiberia YMCA Holds  Cycle 28 Graduation

  Story: Emmanuel S. King, Jr. The Liberia YMCA has held graduation for 450 trainees of the YMCA  [ ... ]

Liberia YMCA Holds Graduation for 450 Trainees in ...
01 Mar 2019 10:01 - YMCALiberia YMCA Holds Graduation for 450 Trainees in Computer Literacy

Graduation for 450 trainees of the YMCA Computer Training Program will take place on Friday, March 1 [ ... ]

29 Jan 2019 14:34 - YMCA

                                        Project: Re-roofing of the Liberia YMCA  [ ... ]

Community Dialogue and Reconciliation Program Lau...
27 Jan 2019 12:58 - YMCA Community Dialogue and Reconciliation Program Launched by YMCA

The Liberia YMCA has launched a new peace building initiative, the Community Dialogue for Conflict M [ ... ]

Liberia YMCA Launches Community Dialogue Program
23 Jan 2019 17:14 - YMCA

The Liberia YMCA will on Thursday, January 24, 2019 launch a new peace building initiative termed: C [ ... ]

YMCA National General Secretary Quarterly Brief -J...
19 Jan 2019 00:28 - YMCA


YMCA Establishes Online Platform for Membership Re...
18 Jan 2019 17:00 - YMCA

  The Liberia YMCA has established an online platforms for membership. The platform is intended to [ ... ]

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prospe...
25 Dec 2018 15:52 - YMCAWishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year

It is the time to appreciate, share and show love to people around you, and those who have helped  [ ... ]

YMCA Western Zone Heads Meet with Liberia Minister...
25 Nov 2018 12:42 - YMCAYMCA Western Zone Heads Meet with Liberia Minister of Youth

YMCA Western Zone members following the meeting with Minister Wilson YMCA leaders from the Western  [ ... ]

Liberia YMCA Hosts Africa Alliance of YMCAs Peer R...
19 Nov 2018 18:27 - YMCALiberia YMCA Hosts Africa Alliance of YMCAs Peer Review Meeting

  The Africa Alliance of YMCAs Peer Review Meeting on Liberia is expected to begin in Monrovia on  [ ... ]

Liberia YMCA Mourns
13 Nov 2018 23:01 - YMCALiberia YMCA Mourns

  The Liberia YMCA  announces the death of one of its staff, John B. Arku.   The late John B.  [ ... ]

The Liberia YMCA in collaboration Slum Dwellers International (SDI) and the Federation of Liberian Urban Poor Savers (FOLUPS), an emerging federation of savers, under the auspices of the Liberia Country Program (LCP) has ended a week long Financial Management Training for members of FOLUPS.

The training which brought together one hundred and fifty members from various communities under FOLUPS titled “Learning by Doingwas intended to strengthen savings groups through an effective financial management system.

The training also focused on the application of the process through learning and sharing with different groups and will be followed by regular mentoring of saving groups.

Speaking during the formal opening of the training, the Coordinator of the Liberia Country Program, Jerry Paye said as savings groups grow and spread instinctively and under the guidance of facilitating organization, the model of training is flexible and intended to accommodate more savers, which will support expansion of the saving group.

He challenged participants to take the training seriously as it was intended to build their capacity.

The Training which was conducted in the five network zones of the federation dealt with important variations currently being practiced with regards to record keeping and bank balances, managing savings group funds using simple financial management tools.

The training also focused on individuals working with saving groups and collectors in order to have basic idea using simple financial management system. As a result of the training, participants (those working with saving groups) will also have ideas on the use of a simple but complete financial system to ensure effective record keeping, accurate track of members’ loan balances and bank transaction processes.

Training was also held for network members in the area of profiling and documenting though the use of electronic gadgets. It was also intended for participants to effectively be able to hold interview and prepare documentary using modern digital equipment such as  electronic cameras and still photos and how to prepare video documentary, during Liberia Country Program Work.

Participants were also trained in the area of interview techniques as well as preparation for interviews and how to effectively conduct interviews. Following the training, participants are expected to begin work in documentary making in several FOLUP Communities using interview techniques and information gathering while other members are profiling and working in urban slum communities.

The training targeted saving group leaders, collectors and members of the FOLUPS working team.

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